* All images on this site are available for purchase as Color, Black & White, or Sepia photographic prints. Photos can have a glossy or matte finish with a Lustre Coating, which protects against UV light, finger prints and dust. Each print is signed and numbered on the back by the photographer. No more than 100 copies will be made of one print.

* Also, 12-month calendars can be custom made with any of the images presented on this site. Calendars measure 11" x 17" and are twin-loop wire bound with a die-cut hole for hanging. All calendars include national and religious holidays, as well as other important dates. Click Here to view two examples of previously sold calendars.

*Images on this site are also available for licensing and other private uses.

To purchase or ask any questions, please contact the photographer at mfarruggia@gmail.com.

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